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As I write this we are heading in to our 3rd week of lockdown, it is a very surreal time for all of us. At first it was watching this virus unfold from afar, and then it came closer and closer.. the worry and fear increased and the consumption became too much.

News reports, radio updates, the endless scrolling on Facebook… it was all consumption mode adding fuel to the fire of the fear and worry. It had to STOP.

Yes things were different, everything had changed, the kids were off school and it was time to find a different kind of routine. The first week I struggled, trying to stick to a timetable with the home schooling, trying to keep on top of my work, trying to keep food in the cupboards, trying to stay motivated but I found myself on that Friday night with a tight chest, feeling very anxious, scared and worried while I was 45 mins into the News ‘highlights’. It was all too much.

Love & Hope

Enough was enough. We have been given the advice: stay home, stay safe, only go out when absolutely necessary. And that’s what we’ve done. I know bad things are happening, I know the deaths are rising, but I can’t control everyone else.. all I can control is my own actions and that of my immediate family.. and so we are focusing on Love & Hope.

Our second week of home schooling went much better, I was much calmer, the boys played more, and we did more activities that they probably wouldn’t do in school… I’m pretty certain, bike riding, mechanics & carpentry aren’t on the curriculum for a 5 & 8 yr old. But these are all life skills, and it’s ok, we aren’t meant to be able to teach our job is to keep our children happy & healthy. These times are hard enough without adding more stress into the mix… if you have children make this time a happy one, one they’ll cherish having Mum & Dad home more.

As a family we have done more together, we have finished jobs in the house that ‘we haven’t had time to do’, we are learning together, laughing together, and yes.. I have 2 boys so also crying, fighting and annoying each other… but that’s family.

We have been asked to stay at do just that. Spending this time wisely, all that stuff you wanted to do but never had time, do it now, learn new stuff, read some books, meditate more, reconnect with people more. Time is our most precious commodity…now we have a little more of it on our hands..use it wisely.

When it comes to work, then yes it can be tricky, things have changed, some of you are working your full time jobs with little ones at home, some are at home facing a 20% pay cut or more, some of you are self employed and have seen your work dry up and are waiting until June to see how much support you’ll get. Whatever situation you’re in, then know that this will not last forever, this time will pass and you will be ok. Look for the positive…was there a course you wanted to do and didn’t have time, was there a new skill you always fancied learning, was there a new challenge you wanted to try. Why not do it now. Use your time to do what you always wanted to do.

My plan..

Follow the advice but don’t consume yourself with Fear & Worry.
Focus on Family, Health, Love & Hope.

We will get through this.

‘Er nad wyf yn medru
Dal dy law yn dynn,
Rwy’n medr dweud yn sicr
Daw eto haul ar fryn.’