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Insta Stories is Where it’s at…be there!

There is a reason why when you check out your IG that the stories are at the top…Insta wants you to see them! They are the new feed. The Feed is the bew blogging..I’m not saying blogging is dead because you’re reading this on a blog, but it’s not where people start these days. There is so much content out there, and so little time… so getting your point across in quick, entertaining 15 second chunks is a great way to do it.

So if you wanna be relevant, want to be seen… then you guessed it, you NEED to be in the stories!
Because guess what… before I head to bed I catch up with my mates, they tell me about their day, they make me laugh, they share their fav finds, they tell me the crappy sh*t they’ve ad to deal with, they share they’re cool Tiktok video which I ‘ve spend ages trying to master and still bloody can’t. But you know what… they’re not all my real friends, some of them don’t even know who I am. They are Bloggers, Instagrammers, Biz owners and other awesome people I follow in insta… IN THEIR STORIES, every friggin day. Because girl… this is how I get to know them, this is how your audience gets to know you. And when your audience Knows, Likes & Trusts you…. BOOM!

So lets go with some practical tips…

1. CONSISTENCY : Yes I said it, you need to show up and you need to show up regularly.

2. ENTERTAIN : Give your audience something to watch, make them smile and trigger some emotion, this will keep them watching and help them get to know and like you.

3. EDUCATE : Help your audience out with stuff, what are they struggling with, share your knowledge & tips with them.

4. TELL A STORY : You need to build up a story, just posting one slide aint going to do it, try using 7-9 slides to tell your story.

5. FACE TO CAMERA : People need to see YOU… it’s great to use info graphics, cute pics… but people are following YOU, show your face and get on film. If you don’t feel comfortable practice, then post! It’s only 15 seconds, you got this.

6. USE THE FEATURES : If you’re on video, add text too…some people watch without the sound on so apply text to share the highlights. Add emojis, music, countdown – they’re all there to make things more interesting.

7. ASK QUESTIONS – Engage with your aiudience, ask questions, use the polls – they get to know you and you get to know them.

8. USE APPS – Unfold is an awesome app to plan your stories, there is also Canva and I’m sure plenty of others.

REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!!! The more you do the better you get at it.

You may feel that some poeple are an their stories ALLLL DAAAAY… but think about it, they’re only 15 second highlights, you can do that right?