Gwer Davies Digital Marketing


I’m Gwer…

A Designer, Marketer, Mother and Business Owner as well as a proud mother of two very active young boys! Let me give you a brief intro into me and how I operate… I’m that person who is happy working in the background not competing for the lime light, the techy person who just gets sh*t done, the cool headed one to call when things just aren’t going to plan, the one who’s digital brain loves finding solutions, the one who takes a no BS approach to everything, the one who doesn’t try to baffle her clients, that person who takes pride in getting them the results they need. In a nutshell I’m a cool headed professional problem solver.

Having worked in the Design & Marketing sector for over 20 years, and run my own businesses for over 13yrs, I have a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of aspects from graphic design, to print production, to digital marketing solutions. My experience ranges from working with large PLC companies to now more specialized individuals and SMEs. For the last 8 years I have worked as a designer & consultant on a freelance basis enabling me to work flexibly which works well for both myself and my clients.

What Clients have to say…

“I was recommended Gwer by a friend of mine after I discussed with him my frustration with a website I was getting built. It’s been a breath of fresh air working with her. Techy stuff blows my mind, it’s really not my thing at all, and nothing is more frustrating that someone who tries to baffle you and convince you that you need to spend a fortune… there’s none of that here, when she says “no BS” she really means it. She’s created a brand new website, graphics for my socials, set up my email marketing as well as printed stationery. It’ great to have everything from one point of contact. Highly recommended.”

– Damian Jones

“I have worked with Gwer for over a year now. She has helped me build digital workbooks, email marketing, and set up my socials graphics as templates which saves me so much time and frustration.

What stood out for me from other designers I spoke to was her straight talking no baffle approach. She saw my vision and ran with it. Explained everything calmly and clearly and all the work was beautiful, high end and exactly what I wanted.

I love that she is part of the Societe & supporting other female entrepreneurs as finding people that actually see the value in your mission can be a nightmare. I very much look forward to working on many more future projects with Gwer as my business expands.”

– Harriet Lacy

“Myself and my partner both have separate businesses, I do all the marketing for my husband and to say we have faced some challenges is an understatement. Last year we were faced with major problems with our website company, Gwer came to us like a guardian angel I kid you not. Straight away she knew what to do and how to move things forward, within weeks she’d saved us not only thousands of pounds but also our sanity. I can never thank her enough for what she did for us. She really is the type of person you want in your arsenal. She’s always looked at our businesses as they were her own, given us options and the best solutions for our needs. As a female business owner I feel that we face so many challenges, but one things for sure.. I know Gwer will always do what’s best for us. She just gets it.”

– Donna May

“Gwer has been part of the team at Gwyndaf Evans Motors for over 8 years now and she really is an asset to the business. She works on a freelance basis and for us that works remarkably well, she is in 1 day a week but is always at the end of the phone or email when we need her. She deals with all aspects of our Marketing from print work, to web, social media and email marketing, and is in direct contact with our Ford & Suzuki Managers. As well as this she is on hand to assist Elfyn with his profile as a driver in the World Rally Championships. Being based in Mid Wales it’s also a massive benefit to us that’s she’s a Welsh speaker and is used to working in different languages.”

– Gwyndaf Evans

Tech Experience

I’m mostly Mac based with experience using the following software & programs:

Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc)
Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc)
Web : WordPress & Squarespace
Email Marketing
Social Planner – Later & Planoly

I’m very adaptive and learn quickly, so if there’s something I’ve not used previously, I’ll soon get my head around it.

I am a Designer and Marketer with plenty of business experience too, this gives me an edge over being ‘just another designer’ as I’m able to look at things from all different angles. I can look ahead in my clients business and offer solutions to things they hadn’t even thought of.

In this current fast paces digital environment it’s exciting to be able to support clients from all areas of business, but my passion lies with female entrepreneurs and women in business, just like me. I understand the challenges we face on a daily basis, from working around the children, to unsupportive family & friends not seeing our vision.

There is persona that we have to do everything ourselves, but the truth is this mindset caps our capabilities…to truly thrive we should focus on our strengths and create a supportive network around us of other badass women who can support us on our mission. My passion lies in the digital sector and I love being there to support others in this area so they can focus on their super powers.

After all… life’s about working smarter not harder.

Are you ready to get to work?

Gwer | M: 07792 695561