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For some creating socials graphics is something they love, for others it drives them crazy! What if I told you that you can create gorgeous looking posts that will help you generate more sales in your business without having to hire a graphic designer or digital marketer (yes I know I’m talking myself out of work here!)

Truth is not everyone wants or can afford to hire these additional skills… which is exactly why I created these templates so they’re accesible to all!

As business owners we know SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORKS, but truth is not everyone who starts an online business is a designer.



The Problem…

You don’t have a load of spare cash to invest in a graphic designer
Trying to create ‘your look’ on a load of different apps is driving you crazy!
You don’t know how to make your graphics look professional and stand out
You’re not sure how to create consistency within your graphics
You really don’t have the time to be spending hours and hours trying to figure yet another piece of the puzzle!

Fortunatley for you… I’ve got the PERFECT Solution!

I totally understand how time consuming and frustrating it can be to spend hours creating posts, which is exactly why I’ have created The Ultimate Social Template Bundle for you!

You can quickly and easily create your own posts using the base templates I’ve created saving you a ton of time and money by not having to hire someone like me 1-1! You won’t need any expensive computer softwear either.

Quickly & easily create consistent looking graphics
Save a ton of time with layouts already pre-made
Create eye catching & engaging posts in minutes to grow your business
Make creating content fun & easy, never be stuck for something to post
Feel confident about the look & feel of your brand.

❝If you want to have a successful online business and convert your followers into customers, you need to ensure a professional look and feel for you and your brand.❞

Welcome to ‘The Ultimate Social Template Bundle’

 ❦ ‘The Blue Collection’

‘The Bloom Collection’

What’s in each Collection

35 Instagram Grid Templates :
Designed to create a consistent grid and to grow your auidence engagement.
(£97 bought individually)

35 Instagram Stories Templates :
Designed to encourage engagement from your audience.
(£97 bought individually)

35 Facebook Post Templates :
Keep your socials consistent with the FB templates. Designed to build authority as well as your email list!
(£97 bought individually)

Each template can be fully customised with your own colours, fonts & images!

Choose your Bundle and get the BONUSES…

❉ Video training – “How to edit your Templates in Canva” :
A step by step guide showing you exactly how to edit your new templates and make them your own. (Worth £87)

❉ Video training – “How to create scrolling images and add animation” :
Bring your posts to life and stand out from the crowd by adding animation to your graphics (Worth £87)

❉ Using Stock Photos :
Your templates will contain Stock photos which can be used if you so wish, however this guide will also share with you our favourite sources for finding quality free stock images. (Worth £57)

❉ Colour Combinations :
Picking colours can be mind boggling… but it doens’t need to be! This guide will give you 15 examples of colour combinations which are tried and tested, all include their unique codes which you can transfer and use in your templates (Worth £57)

❉ The perfect Font pairings :
Certain styles and fonts work awesome together… and others, well, not so much! This guide will give you a pallette of 18 to choose from, all fonts readily available and free to use in Canva (Worth £57)

❉ The Ultimate Branding Guide:
When it comes to branding then staying consistent is key, this guide will help you keep everything in one place…your colours, fonts & logo. This will make it much easier for you and also if you decide to hire some help in the future as they will already have a map to follow.(Worth £87)

TOTAL Bundle Value = £723

Choose your Bundle today for Only £147

 ❦ ‘The Blue Collection’

‘The Bloom Collection’