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Website Design & Maintenance

Whether you’re looking for a refresh, regular site updates or a fresh new website, these are all serviced I provide. Here are a collection of sites I’ve done for my client, all have different needs and requirements. So if you’re thinking…ok I need to up level my business and get my website sorted then get in touch and we’ll set up a time to have a chat through things.

Mid Wales Stone Specialist Website
Pendragon Equine Retreat North Wales
Blackthorn Fishery - Specialist Carp Fishery Shropshire
Mayd Beautiful Master Lash Artist Wales

The Online Edit

A fresh, unique website to take your brand to the next level!

Got a brand you love? Great. Would you like a website to match? Then you’ve come to the right place. My bespoke, web-only package will be perfect for you. I understand, I’ve been there and I know the importance of having a presence beyond social. I also understand the frustration of working with big companies that promise the earth but you just end up being passed from pillar to post!…sound familiar?! This is exactly why I work so close with my client…to ensure consistency and make sure I understand your vision. Being online is about having a consistent presence across all platforms, desktop and mobile too, which is why I include social graphics into this package*. Think about how many times you’ve clicked through from socials to a website and the look just isn’t the same. This package is designed to delivery consistency. You will walk away with a modern, custome built, mobile friendly and SEO optimised site. I will take care of the techy side of things so you can sit back and enjoy seeing your brand come alive online.

So…the only question left is… are you ready to build your new online shop window?



Brand discovery : Getting to know everything about you, your brand, your business, your ideas and what makes you different.
Bespoke Website Design : You’re unique and we want your online precense to be that too! Your site need to do 80% of the selling for you!
An SEO optimized, responsive WordPress website : Because we all know having a website alone is no good. We need to get our clients to see it. We need to get found.
• Email Marketing sign up and integration : Depending on your Social Following is not enough, building your Email list is key to building a strong following.
• Google Analytics installation with dashboard tracking. : Knowing what works and doens’t works is so important, moitoring what gets the most traffic will help you decide where you need to spend your time.
• WordPress Training : Whether you decide you want to manage your site yourself or you want to set up a plan, knowing how it works is something that’s really important to me.

Email Marketing

This is something that is very often over looked by clients, depending on social media alone to build their audience. Well let me be blunt… you don’t own your Social Media following, and if your accounts closed tomorrow how would you communicate with your audience?

Never thought of it that way? Well it’s time to! When you have an email list YOU OWN IT, that is worth a fortune to your business. These are people who want to hear from you, they’re interested in what you’ve got to say and you can communicate with the directly into their inbox. It will cost you so much more to sell to a new customer than it will to a current one.

I help my client set up their mailing client, inport their addresses and set up regular email communications for them.

If this soounds like something you could benefit from but it’s going straight over your head… don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I cut out the jargon and tell it like it is.

Get in touch today and lets see how I can help you boost your business.