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As more and more of us are now #WFH (aka Working From Home) this is actually not new to me, I’ve been working from home for nearly 8 years now, and kinda forget sometimes that this isn’t the norm for most people.

However… I admit, most of the time I don’t have the kids at home as well, so that is a juggle I’m not going to lie. But… if you’re struggling right now and could do with some handy hacks to help you through things then here are my 8 top tips.

1. Time Block your day
It’s so easy for time to just pass and befor eyou know it you’re cooking tea and wondering what the hell you got done today. Time blocking is my savious. I tend to work in 60-90 min chuncks. At the moment we’re on school duty in the morning, then cuppa time, school time, lunch… then I get to work in the afternoon while my partner takes over with the kids. I always shut off during tea and kids bed time then will do an 60-90 mins in the evening, I try not to work late as this interfears with my sleep…my brain just won’t switch off!

2. Limit the Notifications & Constant Updates
Check your Text, DMs and emails 2-3 times a day max… this will save you so much time and help keep you much more focused. During my time blocks I turn my phone onto plane mode and close my email application on my laptop, so if you’ve messaged and I’ve not got back to you… then you’ll know why 😉 Having constant notificaiton distracts your mind and makes you much less productive.

3. Set 3 Top Goals Per Day
We all have a ‘to-do list’ as long as our arm, and I’m gona be honest with you….you aint never going to get to the end so stop beating yourself up about it and give yourself a break! Choose your TOP 3 To Do’s each day… you will feel so much more accomplished knowing you’ve achieved those compared to the massive list and seeing what you didn’t achieve.

4. Have a ‘Work Area’
I know it’s comfy and a novelty to have your laptop out while watching TV, and it’s ok to do that sometimes, but it’s much more productive to have a work area set up. Somewhere you can walk away from, even better somewhere you can close the door on. If that’s not possible then even a corner of a room is better than trying to get work done in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle.

5. Home Schooling & WFH
This is a tricky combo…and does depend massivley on the age of your kids. With mine being 5 & & the truth is, you can’t do both at once… because if you’re kids are anything like mine, as soon as you’re focused on something other than them then they start playing up. So how do you get around it… well, you plan your time (refer back to point 1) ..we school in the morning then I work in the afternoon. Share the load, if you’re partner is home then take turns where you can. You’re not expected to be their teacher, so make sure you have fun along the way and don’t get stressed. You’re doing your best.

6. Morning Routine
Basically… HAVE ONE! Don’t just go with the flow, do your workout, have a shower, get your glad rags on and brew that coffee (as you’re WFH a bra is optional Hahaha) Having a routine sets you up for the day ahead and you’ll feel uch better for it.

7. Wear Comy Clothes
I’m all up for being comfy, but DO NOT stay in your PJs all day (refer back to No. 6 Lol) If you’re doing calls or have online meetings, then it’s prefectly acceptable to be a bossbabe from the waist up and joggers from the wait down.

8. Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthy
I know the kettle is only 10 feet away but that doens’t mean that you can survuve on coffee all day, it aint good for you. Limit the caffine and get that H2O down you. Meal preping is a saviour, get that done int he morning or even better the night before that way you’re sure to have a healthy lunch, snack less and be much more alert and productive during the day.

…I hope you find these useful. I’ll see you again soon.

Gwer x